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The Louisville Poker Tour's Rules

Season XV

Complete List of Rules

Updated April 14, 2014


1.  All decisions regarding the interpretation of any rule, eligibility, or any other matter in regard to this promotion lies solely with The Louisville Poker Tour (LPT) managers or other agents and are final and non-negotiable.  The LPT has the right to refuse anyone entry into this tournament for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion.

2.   Participation in this event is voluntary and participants (herein referred to as “Player(s)”) agree to all rules, policies, and regulations of The Louisville Poker Tour.  Failure to abide by any of the promotional rules is grounds for ejection including, but not limited to, forfeiture of any eligible prize winnings.

3.   All event times are approximate and subject to change without notice.  The LPT reserves the right to change the tournament dates and event times at any time for any reason. 

4.   Prizewinners are responsible for all taxes including, without limitation, federal, state, and local income taxes on or connected with any prize, and the reporting consequences thereof, are solely the responsibility of respective winners. If required by law, LPT reserves the right to withhold and remit to the appropriate taxing authorities the amount of any taxes due.

5.    All Players must be legal U.S. residents, 21 years or age or older.

6.   All prizes are non-transferable, and Players must agree to the prize winnings as they are stated in the tournament.  If the company offers a cash option in place of the stated prize, it does so at its own discretion and on its own terms.  If the Player is unable or unwilling to accept the prize (or other terms offered) as they are stated, then the LPT reserves the right to retain any prize winnings in its entirety.  

7.     Any Player who is excluded from this promotion is not eligible for participation in any future LPT events, nor is the player eligible to receive any prize winnings.  If the player has already won and is awaiting receipt of the prize, any and all prize winnings are immediately forfeited upon exclusion from The LPT.

8.   Players agree to allow the LPT unconditional use of their name and likeness for promotions/advertising or other announcements without compensation, consideration, notice, review or consent, where permitted.

9.   The LPT is not responsible for lost, manipulated, late, mutilated or ineligible entries (i.e. Qualification Certificates) to any LPT tournament event.  Qualification Certificates are non-replaceable, non-transferable, and have no cash value.  The Official Qualification Certificate is the sole responsibility of the participant and must be presented in advance to further rounds of play.  No duplicate certificates are issued.

10. Any attempt by any person (Player or otherwise) to deliberately defraud any LPT event, property, or to undermine the legitimate operation of this tournament could be in violation of criminal and civil laws.  Should such an attempt be made, the LPT reserves the right to prosecute any such person to the fullest extent of the law.

11. The Louisville Poker Tour reserves the right to change any part of the tournament.  This includes, but is not limited to, rules, format, game structure, prize pool, or any other area of this promotion.

12. Participants agree that bringing any food or drinks (including alcohol) onto the premises not purchased from a participating location is grounds for immediate ejection.  This included the parking lot of the participating Host.

13. A copy of the LPT rules will be available at game locations.  One will be provided for you upon request.  You may also find a copy on our website


Tournament Format

The Louisville Poker Tour will follow the format for No Limit Texas Hold’Em Poker.  Each player will start with 5000 chips (unless waiting) and is out of the event when they have no more with which to bet.  This tournament will consist of two separate tournaments in one:  Points and Regular Play.


Regular Play consists of three levels of qualification to participate for the grand prize giveaway of the current season: nightly qualification games, semi-finals, and finals.  Grand prizes for the season in play are awarded in the final round of Regular Play.  Only players who qualify through the tournament format would be eligible to compete for the grand prize.  There are three levels of play:


I.     Weekly games held at various local establishments will serve as qualifying rounds.  Nightly winners will receive an Official Louisville Poker Tour Qualification Certificate.  A player may participate in as many qualifying games as they choose in order to win more Qualification Certificates. A player’s first Certificate will be worth 5000 chips and each additional certificate is worth 1000 chips.  Players may win and use as many Qualification Certificates as they can in order to take a chip advantage to the semi-final.  There is no cap on the number of certificates a player may take to a semi-final. Only qualified players with an Official Louisville Poker Tour Qualification Certificate in their name will be allowed to enter the semi-final event.


II.  Qualified players will be invited to participate in these elimination events called Semi-finals.  The purpose of the semi-finals is to draw the top 25 players from each semi-final event determined by chip count. Once the top 25 players are established, the game is over.  This assembly of players will compete in the final round of The Louisville Poker Tour.  Although some small prizes may be given away at these events, their purpose is to reduce the number of qualified players to 25.  If any player qualifies in more that one semi-final event in the same season, the total combined amount of the chip counts from each event will be used as the player’s starting chip count in the final round.


III.      Players who finish in the top 25 of any season’s semi-final event will return to participate in the Final Event for the season.  The Final Event will consist of the top 25 qualified players from each of the Semi-final Events of the season from Louisville & Northern Kentucky.  This event will be played until a single winner is determined. This person will receive The Grand Prize; in addition there may be awards and prizes for top finishers.


Points are awarded to the top five nightly finishers at all nightly qualification games in the following values: 50 points for 1st, 40 points for 2nd, 30 points for 3rd, 20 points for 4th, and 10 points for 5th.  Points are totaled throughout the current term and the top point leaders are invited to special “points only” tournaments where players compete for even more prizes!  The current points term coincides with the qualification period for the next Semi-final Event.  Points are entirely separate from the qualification process associated with the Grand Prize giveaway.  Points will not be accepted for entry into any Semi-final event.  All points are reset to zero at the beginning of the next term. 


LPT Seating Card & Sign Up Sheet Rules


Seating Cards

Seating cards are given out at the Host’s discretion to identify players. They also assist the dealer in determining who arrived to the Host’s location first.   The cards are given out on a first come first seat basis no earlier than 2 hours before the start of the game; however, there is no set time that the cards are made available.  In addition, the LPT advises the host to put its operational and service needs above the distribution of the poker cards.


The following rules apply to LPT Seating Cards:

·    One seating card per player.

·    Card is not to leave Host’s premise

·    Must be present to receive, can not get a card for a player “on the way”

·    No cards are to be held for players not present

·    Treat the bartender or other Host’s staff with respect


Any and all players who violate the preceding guidelines for seating cards will have their seat reservation revoked and have their name moved to the bottom of the list.  Repeated violation is cause for ejection from the promotion.


Sign-up Sheet

This list will be started upon the arrival of LPT staff at the location of the nightly qualification game.  Dealers will sign up players based on their corresponding seating card.  Players must be physically present and have a seat card in order to sign up. The following guidelines apply to the sign-up sheet:

  • A player’s name on the sign-up sheet acts as acknowledgement of LPT rules and holds the player to the rules and regulations of this promotional contest.
  • This is a “No Buy-In” Event and no side gambling is allowed.  Purchasing and tipping are encouraged, but not required. 
  • All players who wish to play must have a seat card and sign up with an LPT® dealer prior to the cut-off (30 minutes after the start).
  • No call ahead seating, no seats will be reserved or held for players.
  • Players not present or without seating card will not be signed up.
  • Players who are not signed up prior to the cut-off will not play.  No player may enter the tournament after the cut-off.
  • Players who leave the premises may not be allowed to play if they return.  The decision is at the dealer’s discretion and the player will be signed up at the bottom of the list.
  • If your name is called and you are not present, the next name on the list will be called in order.  Substitution of names is not allowed.
  • Players who arrive after the start of the game will be added to the bottom of the list, provided the game is not full (maximum players per table = approximately 30) and before the cut-off.  If a few more players are seated above the 30-player guideline it is then at the dealers discretion.


Cheating will not be tolerated and suspicion is cause for ejection.

The LPT can and will disqualify any participant’s prize eligibility or any prize based on fraud, dishonesty, and/or violation of promotional rules or misconduct whether related to this promotion directly or indirectly.


Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:


¨Sharing chips.  Each player’s chips are his or her own and are not to be shared or given to any other player.  All chips must remain on the tabletop at all times!  Taking chips from one LPT event to another is grounds for ejection from the tournament.


¨Verbal/visual/gestured communication.  Players working as a team will be ejected.  If there is any communication regarding a player’s cards or the current hand, then all parties are subject to ejection.  This includes non-players who try to help an active player.


¨Marking cards/Destroying LPT property.  Manipulating playing cards in any way is cheating.  Bending, scratching, puncturing, indenting or any other attempt to place visual cues on LPT playing cards will not be tolerated.  Any player who tampers with the playing cards in any way will be ejected from the tournament immediately.


¨Stealing chips.  Each player starts with a set amount of chips.  If a player removes chips from one game and/or tries to add to his/her stack, then this player is cheating.  Chips are not allowed to leave the table unless the tables are being consolidated.  Chips must always be in clear view of the dealer and the other players.


¨Coaching.  Poker is not a team sport.  Each player must make his/her own decisions and is not allowed to ask for help, nor is help to be given.  If a player is uncertain as to what to do, they may ask the dealer only.  Giving/Receiving advice about a hand while it is in play is cheating.  All parties involved are in violation of LPT rules.


¨Manipulating or trying to induce action or response Chips placed across the betting line are in play and the player must leave the entire amount. Players making a bet or raise should only place the chips they wish to wager.  Betting out of turn is a form of trying to induce action and will be penalized accordingly. 


¨Exposing hole cards to anyone.  A player who exposes their hand with action pending will be penalized.  They may play the hand face up, unless the cards were thrown across the betting line; which is a fold.  The player who exposed their cards may not benefit from ANY further betting that may occur.  Any further betting would go in a side pot, which the player at fault is not eligible. 


Game Format / Rules


1.    Every seat is dealt a hand, even when players are absent.  Those hands are folded in turn with any blind or forced bet also being taken in turn.  No player may be away from the table for more than five consecutive hands or 10 minutes.  Should this occur while on a waiting list, the player will forfeit their seat and chips; the dealer reserves the right to forfeit the seat.  The only exception made is for LPT® Invite, Semi-Final & Final Events having made prior arrangements with LPT® management.


2.    Cards thrown across the betting circle in a forward motion are considered folded if action is pending.  Players who throw their cards across the line may not retrieve their cards unless the dealer told the player the incorrect information and the cards can clearly be distinguished from the other cards in the muck pile.


3.    High value chips are to be kept in the front of a player’s stack at all times.  They must be visible to the dealer and all other players at all times.  Chips are never to leave the table unless told to do so for the purpose of consolidating tables.


4.    All chips in play must be visible at all times.  Players must never have chips in their pocket or on their person at any time.  Players with chips in their pocket will forfeit all their chips and will be forbidden to play in any LPT event.  During break, all chips must be pushed into the center of the table in a tight circle around the dealer’s tray.


5.    Do not display folded cards!  Cards must be in plain sight and marked while in play.  No hiding of cards. Do not show hole cards to anyone; one player to a hand.  Violation is cause for chip penalty and/or forfeiting your hand.  It is each players responsibility to keep his/her cards covered at all times and marked with a chip or card marker.


6.    Players must act in turn for all actions.  Any player who either bets, raises, or folds out of turn is subject to a penalty.  A player may only act after the player immediately to their right has completed their action.


7.    Silent Raises will be allowed.  A player may raise either by verbal declaration or by placing the amount of the raise inside the betting circle in one motion (the exception being too many chips to push all-in at one time).  Verbal declarations are binding by either the amount or the minimum in the event of the word “raise”.  Any and all chips placed inside the ring are in play, even if the player did not mean to put in the amount they did.  Chips may never be taken back across the betting line.  A player is obligated to the amount they place inside the betting circle.  Single chips that double the value of the last bet placed in action are a raise unless stated otherwise. 


8.    A player only has to show both their hole cards if another player in the hand requests after the hand is called on the river.  Players who are not involved in the hand, or folded prior to the river card, do not have a right to see the other player’s cards.


9.    If any player has more than 2 hole cards, then a misdeal is declared.  If betting has occurred the pot will be split equally between all players still in the pot.  If a player is “all in” they will receive an equal split of the pot they could win.


10.  If a card is exposed when dealing, then that card is the burn card.  The dealer will continue to deal in order and return to the player who’s card was exposed and give them the cards that would have been the first burn card.  The player does not have the choice to use the exposed card.


11.  Open seats at the final table are determined via random draw.  Players will move from the table with the least amount of players to the table with the higher number of players. When consolidating tables, the dealer will draw to reassign the dealer button by using the “high card” method at the final table only. Dealers will only reassign the dealer button at the final table.  As tables are consolidated, players must always move from least to greatest amount of players and will sit in position as it is being played (big blind, etc.).


12.   Cards must be visible while a player is active.  Cards may either be placed in front of the player’s chips or they must use a card marker or chip to act as a card marker.


13.    There will be NO POSTING at any time (forced bets due to missed action).  As players enter the game from the waiting list, they sit in whatever position is available.  No player will post or be made to wait until the button passes.


14.   “Coloring Up” means rounding up.  When coloring up, place chips in stacks suitable to the next color up (i.e. 4 green = $100 black / 4 black = $500 Orange).


15.  NO RABBIT HUNTING – When a hand is over before the river, no other cards will be viewed.  This includes the flop, turn, and river.


16.  Clock – ANY player at the table may call clock on another player.  This includes a player who is not in the hand.  Once the clock is called, the player has 1 MINUTE to act or THEIR HAND IS DEAD and the dealer will surrender their hand.


Player Rules / Etiquette 

The Louisville Poker Tour is a legal event with no buy-in required to play.  The contest is open to any patron of the host wishing to participate at a host’s location.  No additional costs are charged to players compared to that of non-players and no loitering is allowed.


In addition, nothing of value is ever to be staked or risked on this contest in any way.  Gambling in anyway is grounds for immediate ejection.


Players are required to act in a respectful manor at all times.  This includes actions or words directed towards fellow players, LPT managers/staff, or the host/staff.  Players who are abusive, hostile, belittling, or otherwise act in a disrespectful manor risk loosing their seat and the privilege of playing in the LPT.  Continuing disrespect is grounds for permanent ejections from all future LPT events.


The LPT may disqualify any participant or any prize based on fraud, dishonesty, or violation of promotional rules or misconduct whether or not related to this promotion, and may do so from all future LPT events.


We reserve the right to ask overly intoxicated players to step away from the poker tables. 


Please keep the game in perspective: This is free. If you lose, you can come back tomorrow.  The rules & dealers are designed to keep the game fun & friendly for everyone.  Enjoy the game responsibly and know your limits!  

** Chips are units of measurement and have no cash value

** “Bet” refers to placing a chip/chips into the pot for that hand; it is not to be confused with gambling as it is defined in KRS 528.010(3)

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