Monday, October 21, 2019

Interested in Hosting The LPT?
The Louisville Poker Tour is an entertainment concept designed to create revenue in a fun and exciting environment while operating within the written guidelines for Kentucky ABC Licensees.  Texas Hold'em No Limit style poker tournaments are a great way to take empty space or a slow night and generate revenue while marketing to new audiences.  The Louisville Poker Tour is a full service provider of poker entertainment services.  We offer a one-stop solution for poker entertainment.  This includes professional staff and management, all game supplies (tables, chips, etc.), and all marketing and advertising materials.
We offer our new Hosts an introductory 4 week trial period.  If, after the trial period, you do not see the financial gain or the game does not create the desired effect there is no obligation to continue; no questions asked!
Interested in Hosting a Louisville Poker Tour game at your establishment?
Contact Angela Nichols or Scott Gee for questions or to schedule an in person meeting.
Office (502) 536-6109  or (502) 338-7309
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